WMWI Walton Manor WI

Welcome to WMWI for the young in age or spirit!

The WI today

In 1915 we set out to give women a voice, to be a force for good in the community. 

A trusted place for women, run by women of all generations 

The WI is here for you and an opportunity to share experiences or learn.

The WI has moved with the times and the many ways women’s lives have changed but it still focuses on what really matters. Helping women to lead the lives they want to, with all the advice they can get, and having a say in all our futures. WI is an opportunity to share knowledge with other women, coming together socially and to learn new skills. A place where you will be listened to and a place where you will be heard. There will always be jam-making, but you’ll also find dancing, creative writing and more.

Some of us join to campaign: if that’s what inspires you the WI has a voice in the issues of 




today, from climate change to children’s diet and human trafficking to supermarket expansion. And it’s a voice people really listen to. For everyone who joins the WI there’s the freedom to make what you want of it. It might be the most important lifeline in your community or it may be something to dip in and out of while juggling everything else in your life. A refuge from needing to do lots of things to choosing what you really want to do. 

Membership of a Women's Institute is also about fun, friendship and being part of a network of support,

We established our WI in 2004 and wanted to make it somewhere to go and make new friends and in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We all wanted to see what we could do for the local and wider community and to become more involved with issues that affect all of our lives.  We have busy lives and members range from new Mums to running businesses and enjoying retirement.

Join Us

We meet at 8:00pm on the second Tuesday  of every month at; 

St Margaret’s Institute Polstead Road Oxford, OX2 6TN

Please note there will be no meeting in August.